How to adjust the height of forklift forks and masts Nov 17 , 2023
How to adjust the height of forklift forks and masts
1. Move the mast so that the rear part is fully tilted.
2. Completely lower the fork. Bottom fork bearings, counterbalance diesel forklift bearings.
3. For fully free lifting and fully free triple lifting models, the bottom of the inner mast must be as high as the bottom of the fixed mast.
4. Measure the distance from the bottom of the inner column to the bottom of the fork bearing.
5. The measurement conditions must be as follows: STD...+6+1.5mm (+.236+0.6in) FFL and FFT...+6+1.5mm (+.236+.06in) refer to the starting points in the + and - directions. Heavy relay group.
6. Tilt the cylinder row. If the tilt angle cylinder is moved away from the cylinder bank, it will cause additional pressure in the fork assembly and LPG forklift truck fork hinge. To prevent damage, the tilt cylinder must stop smoothly at the rear and forward tilt end.
7. Inspection of tilt angle. The tilt angle of the fork must be checked in the fully rearward and fully forward tilt positions. A tilt monitor or protractor can be used to measure angles. The tilt angle can be determined by the cylinder used.
8. Check the length of the tilt cylinder. With the forklift fork frame fully tilted forward, measure the extended length of the cylinder rod from the cylinder head to the mast. The length between the two-cylinder rods must be within 0.5mm (0.20in).
9. Check the length of the tilt cylinder. The drifting object is a moving fork, which is caused by a hydraulic leak in the cylinder or control valve. Before inspecting for drift: Check chain adjustment and tilt cylinder banks and make necessary adjustments.
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